International Vision University
Established in 2014
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+389 42-222-325
International Vision University
The International VISION University in Gostivar, North Macedonia, was established in 2014, as one of the several private and independent universities in Macedonia, when acquired accreditation by the Accreditation Board and a decision for performing higher education by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of North Macedonia.International VISION University is a higher education institution that combines the best educational methods and practices of the Turkish and European Education System. IVU was established under the umbrella of the slogan that all people are enriched through education.

International VISION University offers International Efficiency through carefully designed curriculum including modern professional literature and case studies from prominent authors. International VISION University is considered as the third generation university — that is independent from the government support, conducts initial instruction in Turkish and operates within a regional or global market by the following principles: International teaching staff; international format of students; International educational programs, textbooks and teaching aids.

Since 2015, the university is in the top 7 universities in the overall ranking list among Macedonian universities.
International Students from Turkey, Kosovo and Kazakshtan
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Contact the university directly:
+389 42-222-325
Degree programs
Taught in Macedonian, English and Turkish
Undergraduate studies
  1. Law
  2. Engineering and Architecture
  3. Economy
  4. Social Sciences
  5. Architecture
  6. Informatics
Description: The Faculties has also developed accredited curriculum of first and second cycle of studies but next the years will be working on the development of study programs for other higher educational level according to the standards of modern academic and scientific achievements, and ethical principles.

Tuition fees: 3,000 Euro + (750 Euro only first year for the documents for nostrification and permit of residence application).
Graduate studies
  1. Law
  2. Architecture
  3. Computer Engineering
  4. Psychology
  5. Civil Engineering
Description: The Faculty of Law offers the specialty in addition to required, elective, and applied courses which relate to public law and private law in order to effectively prepare students for their professional life.The Faculty of Economics offers a fully-articulated academic curriculum — from foundation studies for the degree of Bachelor to specialization courses at Master's level.Faculty of Informatics was established within the International Vision University of Gostivar. The main purpose and activity of the Faculty of Computer Enginnering is the development of information science and technology in Macedonia. Modern development of socio-economic trends are increasingly dependent on and determined by factors that drive the development of technology and innovation.

Tuition fee:
3000 Euro/year
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Contact the university directly:
+389 70 308 557
Requirements for enrolment
Bachelor's degree
High School Diploma; The original of the High School Diploma must be apostilled from the provincial authority.
Transcript; High School Transcript A document showing the year-end grades for the term.
International Birth Certificate Formula
Health report; Notarized document with "picture" approved by the health directorate from state hospitals.
Judicial Record; It is taken from the provincial authority.
Passport copy; Photocopy of the part of the passport with the picture.
Power of attorney
SSI Provision Document
Photo. The background of 6 passport photos must be white.
Horizontal transition or license completion: All of the above-mentioned documents must be submitted in the same way, as well as the transcript of the college or equivalent school completed in the relevant country and the original diploma.
Key dates and deadlines
June 15 – September 30
Application period
Public life
Gostivar (Macedonian: Гостивар [ˈɡɔstivar] (About this soundlisten), Albanian and Turkish: Gostivar), is a city in North Macedonia, located in the upper Polog valley region. It is one of the largest municipalities in the country with a population of 81,042, and the town also covers 1.341 square kilometres .
Gostivar, at an elevation of 535 meters, is situated on the foothills of one of the Shar Mountains. Near to Gostivar is the village of Vrutok, where the Vardar river begins at an altitude of 683 meters (2,241 ft) from the base of the Šar Mountains. Vardar River extends through Gostivar, cutting it in half, passes through the capital Skopje, goes through the country, enters Greece and finally reaches the Aegean Sea.
Gostivar has the continental climate prevailing. If you want to know what the average temperature is in Gostivar or when most precipitation (rain or snow) falls, you can find an overview below. This way, you are well prepared. Our average monthly climate data is based on data from the past 30 years.
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Address: Ul. Major C. Filiposki No.1,
Gostivar — North Macedonia
+389 42-222-325
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