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Apply to universities of North Macedonia for free and study in Europe
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Credentials are recognized across the world
North Macedonia is a country with a very rich history and culture
Part-time employment is officially allowed for international students
Only 3 years of undergraduate studies
Unlimited career opportunities
Students are eligible for the EU-wide Erasmus academic exchange
Wide range of degree programs at affordable rates
Well-equipped student dorms and vibrant life
Graduates can get employment in any European country
Universities of North Macedonia provide academic options at up to 10 times less tuition fee than a standard international offer
North Macedonia is a real European country with a pinch of colorful national traditions
Great opportunity for determined students to support your studies and build a successful career!
Why study in North Macedonia?
Become a world-class Bachelor in just 3 years!*

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Frequently asked questions
Do I need to pay to take part in the Expo and submit documents to universities?
No, participation in the Expo, submission of your documents to universities, and all other services are FREE.
Can I afford to pay for tuition fees to study in North Macedonia?
North Macedonia is one of the most beneficial study destinations in Europe as you can get world-class education at very reasonable rates. For example, tuition fees at universities in North Macedonia can be up to 10 times cheaper than in popular destinations.
Are there any scholarship options available to study in North Macedonia?
There are a lot of scholarship opportunities at universities of North Macedonia provided by the European Union and many international organizations.
Will I be able to learn Macedonian language?
Within a period between 6 months and a year you will be able to successfully learn Macedonian if you follow requirements and instructions of teachers.
Are there any degree programs delivered in English or other languages at universities in North Macedonia?
Every year there are more and more English-taught degree programs becoming available at North Macedonian universities. There also opportunities to study in Albanian and Turkish language. Please check with universities regarding available options.
Will my degree become recognized in my home country or elsewhere?
Non-medical degrees of Macedonian universities are normally recognized without any restrictions. Anyway we recommend you to check this matter with the Ministry of Education of your home country before applying to a university to avoid confusion.
Will I be able to get a part-time employment to support my studies?
As an international student, you are officially allowed to get a part-time employment during your academic year and a full-time employment during the holiday period. You are able to find employment opportunities that require proficiency in your mother tongue at different international organizations based in North Macedonia.
What academic exchange opportunities are available in North Macedonia?
As a student of a North Macedonian university, you are eligible for a wide range of academic exchange programs under the EU-funded initiatives, e.g. Erasmus+, and national initiatives, e.g. British Council, DAAD, Campus France, Nuffic, and many more.
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