Mother Teresa University in Skopje
Established in 2015
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Mother Teresa University in Skopje
Mother Teresa University (UNT) is a public University — higher educational institution funded by the Parliament of North Macedonia. The University 3 (three) official languages are: English, Albanian, Macedonian. It was established as integrated University supporting multilingual approach using the Bologna declarations and recommendations. Full time in undergraduate as well as in graduate, master studies. The size of the organization is at almost 160 staff members including administrative and academic staff.

The Mission of the University is defined in its Statute, and it seeks excellence in teaching and research within the higher education system in the Republic of North Macedonia, by offering equal opportunities for all based on impartiality and merit at the same time trying to be inexpensive and offer almost everyone access to education. One of the key elements of the mission of the University includes active cooperation with universities in the Republic of North Macedonia as well as with the international universities. The main aim under which the university is governed and managed is to contribute to higher education through a mutual interethnic understanding and aims to provide a multilingual and multicultural approach to teaching and research by developing study programs according to broad European and international standards.

Mother Teresa University, offers studies in these 8 Faculties:
  1. Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
  2. Faculty of Information Sciences
  3. Faculty of Technical Sciences
  4. Faculty of Technological Sciences
  5. Faculty of Social Sciences
  6. Law Faculty
  7. Economic Faculty
  8. Faculty of Human Sciences
Academic and administrative staff
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Admission documents:
First semester fee
Citizenship document
Certificates for each completed secondary school year
Birth certificate
Photocopy of passport / ID card
Certificate and diploma from secondary education
Nostrification of the diploma for completed secondary education issued by the Ministry of Education and Science in the Republic of Macedonia
Key dates and deadlines
June – September (online and office)
Application period
Student`s life
Mother Teresa University is located in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia.
Republic of North Macedonia: Facts and Figure
Official name:
Република Северна Македонија (Macedonian)
Republika e Maqedonisë së Veriut (Albanian)
Republic of North Macedonia (English)
Capital: Скопје, Shkupi, Skopje
Surface: 25.713 km2
Inhabitants: 2,050,671 (2009)
Biggest cities: Skopje, Bitola, Kumanovo, Prilep etc.
Municipalities: 80
Official languages: Macedonian and Albanian
North Macedonia is bordered by five neighboring countries:
Greece to the south
Albania to the west
Bulgaria to the east
Kosovo to the northwest
Serbia to the north
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